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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  January 29, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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within the last hour a judge handed down a guilty ruling in
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the case of john leopold. he found leopold not guilty of the most serious charge of fraud. judge sweeney gave his verdict based on seven days of testimony. jurors heard from multiple law enforcement officers as the state tried to show the gritty details of barnes' death. >> police found 29 guns in a car that crashed into a parked car. the police were working with the atf, following the car after a tip it burglarize a gun store. of the 29 guns found, one was loaded. both men were take ton shock trauma with non-life-threatening injuries. >> the weather story has been heat. widespread sunshine jacking temperatures up into the mid-60s
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in bel air, mid-60s in columbia. mt. airy very warm. almost 70 in mardela springs. the breeze off the chesapeake, that kept you cooler than the rest of the state. the numbers are very, very warm. look at points south of us well into the 70s in roanoke and richmond. we'll stay in the warm air flow. parts of maryland likely pushing 70 tomorrow, but we'll be cloudier and rain by tomorrow night. this evening we stay dry, variably cloudy and dry. much more on the approaching rain system and another cold shot. it's straight ahead. the baltimore county school also soon be more secure. county leaders outlined a series of new steps to help unwanted visitors out and keep the kids inside safe. >> reporter: although they still have to get approval for the
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almost $4 million price tag, the new measures will make this easier for them to respond to trouble and keeping an eye on things before trouble actually happens. every high school has a school resource officer inside but not every elementary school which relies on cameras and door security to allow people to come inside. the county said that will change. >> this is the right time again to take a fresh new look at the issue. what else can we do? what else is reasonable? oar are what's changing is the approach to security. there will not lab police officer in ref -- be a police officer in every school but they will stream live into police cars, precincts and county police headquarters. there will be new entries along with a state of the art visitor i.d. system. >> we take it as a two prong approach. we have to make sure measures
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are in place to be reactive and we have to be proactive. this is make sure we have systems and protocols in place to make sure we can detect incidents before they happen. >> reporter: many parents welcome the new measures. they didn't like the idea of having an armed officer in schools but they like more eyes watching. >> i think it's a great idea. what happened up north can happen anywhere at anytime. >> i think any steps for security and safety is a good idea. it's -- they should definitely have a closed gate system where parents have to sign in and everyone is ontorred then and everyone is accounted for. >> reporter: but other parents say cameras are fine after the fact. when trouble is imminent,
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cameras won't be enough. >> no one knows someone will do something crazy until they do something crazy. or if someone looks crazy and they're not going to let him in and it could be a normal person. >> reporter: the county is starting the competitive bid process right now. they hope to start immediately upgrading systems in the schools by this summer. they also plan to have another security preview and take additional steps if they need. this roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. tomorrow a hearing is set for robert gladden, jr. to determine where his case will be heard. gladden is charged with shooting daniel on the first day of school. the decision will be made whether the case will be in criminal court or juvenile
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court. the players and coaches were back front of the media in new orleans but a few hours away from the craziness, kids took to the feld for a massive football tournament. this is the nfl flag national championships. boys and girls from several different age groups came here representing the mid-atlantic region and representing maryland with this group from leesburg, virginia. they won for the right to attend. the coach said flag football is becoming a more attractive option for parents concerned about concussions in younger athletes. >> just get out there and have fun. learn the fundamentals. if they choose to play tackle, they learn something good. they learn sportsmanship, comradery and team. >> they split the first two games of the game. christian schaffer will have
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much more coming up on abc2 news at 6:00. one baltimore couple is finally planning their wedding thanks to the ravens super bowl run. laura sudano was at the octavia ii boutique to peck out her dress. she plans to wear her purple dress and accessories. laura and her -- >> i couldn't wait to do it. i had the stipulation of not until we make it back to the super bowl. >> thats romantic. laura will get married this weekend. she's wearing that dress, right there, to the game.
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while abc2 is in new orleans, we're rebuilding homes for two families who lost everything in cat -- in katrina. log on to for nola. you can volunteer or donate. be sure to let them know that you are with ravens nation. coming up, apple is surprising everyone with the sudden additions to line of ipads. we'll explain what the company is offering for the ipad and how much it will cost you. bankrupt american airlines could be merging with another major carrier. we'll tell you what it means for those american employees. >> i'm abc2's meteorologist wyatt everhart. temperatures across the state 20 degrees above average. will it be warmer than tomorrow? we have those answers straight
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apple's doing it again, surprising everyone with the announcement of a new 128 gigabyte ipad. it's twice as large as the
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current one. the added storage will, of course, increase the price tag. the wi-fi model will cost about $800. the lte will be a little over $900. the new ipad will be available one week from now. now a possible merger between american airlines and us airways is in the works. if the deal goes through it could bring an immediate 4.3% raise for american's ground workers. the two airlines have memos that will require approval by a judge overseeing the bankruptcy case. coming up, a case you have to stick around for. a war hero survives losing all four limbs in combat. now he's regaining some sense of normalcy thanks to a new set of arms. >> and bra dispil continues to mourn hundreds who died in a
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note club fire. find out what actions are taken to bring the people responsible to justice.
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the sun is setting. the days are getting nice and long. all sorts of signs of spring but there will be big changes. i'll show you weather in motion, just about everywhere in the mid-60s. havre de grace in harford county, a nice warm day, even along the banks of the
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susquehanna river, a taste of spring. on the annapolis side not as much sun. that breeze off the bay, that's why it didn't warm up as much in the state capital today. high temperatures most of maryland seeing temperatures pushing 70. 68 in easton. 61 at patuxent river. winds have turned south, southeast. that pulls in the chillier air off the bay. it really pushed up the numbers. how will things go overnight? through the 40s and waking up to nearly 60 degrees. we think we're into the upper 60s tomorrow. add five degrees to the day but not quite as much sun. here's some of the early numbers. i think we can touch 70 toward federal hill, a cloudy day but a
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warm day. that is for sure. how about one more stop across howard county. the numbers will be in the upper 60s. laurel perhaps getting to that 70-degree mark in late january. the pattern will cloud up or tomorrow. let's start with that. secondly, even though we'll be off to a mild start, the winds will be picking up, the cold front dumping the rain and clearing out by thursday morning. in the wake of that much colder air, even snow flurries by thursday night into friday so a total shift. it's all about the warm flow out of the south. by this time tomorrow night this will be about the cold flow coming in behind this storm boundary which is putting down the heavy flooding rains toward missouri and eastern oklahoma. tonight 42, above average temperatures. that's our normal high. tomorrow 67, cloudy warmer with rain showers and tomorrow night
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down to 43, rain likely with the clearing occurring late. the next few days big changes, each dray getting colder after wednesday. take a look at the abc2 most accurate seven-day forecast. the numbers basically showing you changes back to the cold side. i will say this. i think the possibility for snow showers will be there thursday night into friday. after a day near 70 tomorrow, 24 hours later we could be talking about slick roads. >> i feel like i'm in the twilight zone. this next story is amazing. the first service member to survive losing all four limbs in combat has been given the gift of new hands and are as -- arms. how he's thanking his doctors and nurses. we have his remarkable story. >> reporter: his story is one of
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bravery and heroism. brendan marrocco lost both legs and arms in iraq. his attitude is admirable. >> i'm still alive. that as all that mattered to me. >> reporter: still, life without limbs was not the same. >> not having arms takes so much away from you, even your personality. >> reporter: when doctors at johns hopkins approached him about a double transplant, help wasn't worried. it connected bones, blood vessels, muscles, tendons and skin. it's the most complicated performed in the u.s. and the first words he uttered? >> i was happy that surgery was over and i had arms. i love you is the first thing i said. >> reporter: today he still does
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not have full range of motion but we watched him come in, touch his face and hair. >> i'm me again. >> reporter: now he's sharing that positive attitude with other ham pew tees -- amputees. >> to not give up hope. >> reporter: marrocco's doctors said the nerves will regenerate at the rate of one inch per month. it will take one to three years before he can fully use his limbs. immigration ref is taking center -- reform is taking center stage in washington. president didden dorps the principles outlined yesterday. at the hart of the plan is the -- heart of the plan is the path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants.
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the key is how long will it take. under the senate plan up to 15 years. >> when an entire government or society is telling you blatantly you are worth less than the person next to you, that hurts. >> both plans would grant temporary work status for undocumented immigrants but they with have to pay back fines, taxes and learn how to speak english. the parents of those who died in that fire in brazil are burying their children as police work to find those responsible. >> reporter: with a nation reeling from those images, they tried to rescue those trapped. police arrest those spofnlt authorities say they have arrested two of the club owners and two of the band members that
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lit flares. the fire extinguishers failed. the fire spread quickly, choking some 2,000 panicked students celebrating graduation. they stampeded toward the only exit. they found no fewer than nine intracks including flammable building equipment, lack of emergency exits and exceeding fire capacity. anger about that sending tens of thousands into the street for a midnight march. this is all part of the mourning process. it's impossible to estimate the impact. on monday with parents draping themselves overcast cets as all 231 were -- over caskets as all 231 were buried. remember the tests we were
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telling you about what caused the bongs onboard the dream liners to catch fire, the investigation is now shifting to the company that makes the system that monitors the batteries. coming up at 6:00, sports concussionings are a major concern for both parents and coaches. what the nfl is doing to make sure children are safe on the football field. >> and when you eat your lunch, it might have something to doctor with the success in your losing weight. we'll tell you when to eat for those optimal results. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. we'll be right back.
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ladies we all know this. buying jeans can be a nightmare, so many styles and cuts. there's an added feature one company is introducing. wrangler said it will moisturize and reduce cellulite. the company says the jeans are infused with ingredients like aloe and even calf feenlt experts say fighting cellulite is a big business. >> the problem with cellulite is 95% of women have it and the other 5% think they have this. unfortunately, there are no lasting treatments. >> wrangler spa jeans will also be available at online retailers. all right. good luck with that one. well, you probably saw
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jennifer lawrence's dress at the sag awards. the fashion house said the dress is made of different levels of satin, which is what we saw when jennifer got up, so the dress did not rip and they said there was no wardrobe malfunction. they want to set that record straight. >> coming up it was good for popeye but one of the most common causes of poisoning spinach. abc2 news at 6:00 is coming up right now. a guilty verdict in the john leopold misconduct trial. what the judge called outrageous. >> a plan to make baltimore county schools


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